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The purpose of this document is to provide parents with a basic "101 Course" for the Bands of America and other competitions, especially for those of you who are new to a competition marching band.

TWHS Band Competitions

Bands Of America :

TWHS Band competes in:

Regional (BOA Conroe, TX) - Occurs every year and is an all day commitment; prelims and finals contest.

Super Regional (BOA San Antonio, TX) - Occurs every year and is an all day commitment; day trip on charter bus.

National (BOA Indianapolis, IN) - Occurs only in odd numbered years. The band flies and stays in a hotel. Multiple days and nights.

State UIL :

Every year we do UIL Region.

On odd numbered years, our UIL competitions stop at the region level. On even years, UIL continues to Area and State.

In non-Indy years, TWHS Band goes on to compete in the state competition. This is a qualifying competition. From UIL Region, a certain % of those that score a Superior rating (I) advance to UIL Area competition (@ Galena Park). Then, a certain number from Area advance to UIL State (@ San Antonio).

Lone Star Preview Marching Contest:

In Mid-October, TWHS Band Boosters hosts a marching competition for local Houston and Texas area marching bands. Typically, it is held at Woodforest Bank Stadium. It is staffed by all parent volunteers. It is a mix of schools that may not compete at BOA level and others that want another competition.

Our kids do not compete in it. We perform in EXHIBITION at the conclusion of Finals. The band will have a practice in the morning at the contest stadium before the contest starts and then will perform the show at the end of finals as the exhibition band while the judges are tallying.


Bands of America (BOA) is the national organization that puts on marching competitions around the country. There is no qualifying for these competitions. Bands pay an entry fee and compete. There are 3 tiers of competing; Regional, Super Regional, and National. Again, there is no qualifying so a band can do any number of these.

COMPETITION -- At the Regional and Super Regional level there are 2 stages of competition (Prelims and Finals). At Nationals, there are 3 levels (Prelim, Semifinal, and Finals) Each stage requires a separate ticket. Tickets can be purchased online from the Music For All website (up until close to the competition) or at the ticket booth. For Regionals(Conroe) all tickets will be General Admission. For Super-Regionals (San Antonio) and Finals(Indy), tickets will be GA for prelims and reserved for the Finals.

TICKETS -- Our Boosters usually purchase blocks of tickets for Indianapolis Finals and get pretty good seats. If you miss out on this opportunity, you can still purchase tickets. Most of the seating is fairly good and there are different ranges in price. We usually get our blocks in the center and up high (the higher, the better). If you order tickets online, there will be a shipping charge. For General Admission, it is usually better to buy at the ticket booth.

BOA - CONROE For our Regional competition, the Conroe BOA competition at Woodforest Stadium in October. This is a small regional competition so you won't have any problem buying tickets at the gate for Preliminary sessions. For the Finals tickets, it is General Admission and I suggest you come early as there will be long lines. Also, there will be a charge for parking. At Conroe, Parking is come and go all day. In San Antonio at the Alamo Dome parking, it is considered new parking each time you enter - for Super Regional competition in November.


The parent company who runs these is Music For All. Music For All has a website for members to view live performances, watch videos of past performances, and other bands' performances http://www.musicforall.org

Various types of subscriptions and live stream webcast offers exist. The subscriptions are good for one year - your account lasts for as long as you need it. This is a great option when you are not able to attend the competition. Also, family members might enjoy watching, too. Subscriptions do not allow multiple viewers at one time. If you want several different households to be able to watch, you can purchase a live stream webcast to just that particular competition. You can also purchase videos of the band from this website. The company that produces the videos is Mr. Video. My personal experience is that the full subscription for $59.00 is well worth it. We really enjoyed being able to watch all of the bands and I often found my daughter rewatching it throughout the year. I was able to share with family and also shared the account with the McCullough Band directors so that their bands were able to watch us live in Indy!

CONTEST MERCHANDISE - At the competitions, there will be various vendors selling band and color guard related merchandise and also merchandise related to the competition. Kids like to have the show patches to put on their letter jackets later on. They will also be selling programs which will list all Bands and their performance information. These are nice to have to follow along in the competition.

Additional notes on BOA .

1. I recommend you go on to the Music For All website and do some exploring. There is lots of information: Locations, who is competing, ticket prices, etc.

Link to online info for Conroe Regional:


2. There are 3 types of tickets you can purchase for Conroe Regional and San Antonio Super Regionals: Prelims, Finals, and an All-Day Pass.

Ticket prices online: http://www.musicforall.org/what-we-do/boa-marching-championships/ticket-information

3. Videos of our band's performances can also be ordered from Mr. Video on the day of the competition. Just look for their vendor booth.

4. Remember that your kids will not be able to leave the Band group on Saturday of the BOA Regional (Mrs. Perez wants to keep them together as to not lose focus and risk someone not returning on time). They will perform in the afternoon and stay together until after the Awards ceremony. Please wait for further instruction from Mrs. Perez regarding when to expect the buses to return to the high school. The kids will need to return to the school to help unload the truck and for the band members, turn in their uniforms. Plans are being made to feed the kids at least one meal.